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Taucheruhr, Fliegeruhr, Chronograph, GMT

Overview: The most popular watch types

There are many luxury watches out there for all sorts of tastes and uses. In addition to distinguishing between automatic, hand-wound and quartz watches, watches can also be differentiated according to other characteristics. There are many different types of watches. Depending on the design and application or purpose, it makes sense to deal with these different types of watches before you buy them. In this blog, we at GOAT LUXURY show you the most important and popular watch types on the luxury market, which you should definitely know:

  1. diving watch

Rolex Submariner Steel/Black

The diving watch has long been one of the most popular watch types. First and foremost, it is a very robust and water-resistant watch. In addition, it has a rotatable bezel with corresponding markings, with which the diving or the compression time can be read. The digits and pointers must be clearly legible even in poor lighting conditions.

Many diving watches are also suitable as everyday watches. Above all, the Rolex Submariner No Date is characterized by its classic but very elegant design, which can be easily combined in everyday life.

The most popular diving watches include the Rolex Submariner Date/No Date, Omega Seamaster and the Tudor Black Bay.

  1. pilot watch

Breitling Navitimer pilot watch steel

Pilot's watches are also very popular at the moment. Just like diver's watches, pilot's watches are usually large and robust: a case diameter of 40mm and more is not uncommon. Many of these watches have an enlarged crown that rotates very easily, so that the time can be set or stopped while wearing gloves. Many pilot's watches met the needs of pilots in the 1940s.

Brands like Zenith, IWC, Sinn and Breitling are known for their pilot's watches. One of the most legendary pilot's watches is the Breitling Navitimer - a real classic for many years.

  1. Chronograph

Rolex Daytona Steel/Gold White Dial

Chronograph watches are optically in the sporty direction. They are - one could almost say - all-rounders. In addition to durability and shock resistance, their best properties also include water resistance. The chronograph function is one of the most popular complications and can be used in sports, in leisure time or in everyday work. Chronographs are therefore also referred to as "multitools" and are among the most popular watches because of their diverse uses. Even if they are a bit larger than perhaps other luxury watches, with their sporty design they are a stylish accessory and of course not only suitable for men.

Watches such as the Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Daytona and Zenith El Primero are among the best-known chronograph models.

  1. GMT

Tudor GMT Pepsi

The GMT is a rather little-known type of watch. What does GMT mean? The three letters stand for Greenwich Mean Time, formerly known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). With a GMT watch, two different time zones can be displayed. The GMT watch is particularly useful for people who travel a lot.

One of the most well-known GMT watches is the Rolex/Tudor GMT-Master. The GMT-Master “Pepsi” model with a red and blue bezel is currently very popular. This watch was originally developed for certain pilots who used to fly back and forth between the east and west coasts of the USA and had to constantly change their watches.

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