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Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch Tiffany blau

Mission Omega x Swatch – the hype surrounding the new Bioceramic MoonSwatch

Hey watch lovers!

Since its launch in Spring 2022, the Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch has been causing a stir. Omega and Swatch have started a joint project and designed a modern Swatch version of the popular Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. A total of eleven Swatch models were launched on March 25.
With this completely unexpected partnership, a connection between luxury and street style was created and a gigantic hype broke out around the clock.

But what is actually behind it?

The eleven Swatch models are visually similar to the legendary Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. All the essential features of the Speedmaster Moonwatch have been adopted and incorporated into the design of the MoonSwatch, such as the tachymeter scale with the legendary dot above the ninety or the asymmetrical case. The following features round off the design with attention to detail: the glass construction with the barely visible "S" in the middle of the glass, the noble, circular design on the outer ring of the dial and the totalizers or the angular construction of the lugs. The dials feature the OMEGA X SWATCH branding, as well as the legendary Speedmaster logo and the new MoonSwatch logo.
The material of the watch is particularly noteworthy. While the Speedmaster Moonwatch is made of steel, all Swatch models are made of bioceramic (a mix of ceramic and castor oil). The advantage of this: the watch is extremely light.

What makes the MoonSwatch unique and what sets it apart from the Speedmaster Moonwatch are its colors – they are anything but ordinary. In addition to an extraordinary pink, tiffany blue or sunny yellow, the watch is also available in brown, red, dark blue, black, etc. The choice of these colors has a specific reason. Each watch has its own mission statement, special inscriptions and its respective planet is shown on the back. For example, the planet Uranus is depicted on the tiffany blue watch with the slogan "Mission to Uranus", as the name suggests. The moon is depicted on the black MoonSwatch, which is visually most similar to the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch - how could it be otherwise. In addition, the watch has the spacesuit-compatible VELCRO© strap. Among other things, this bracelet is suitable for wearing a space suit, which again underlines the idea of ​​the space design and the attention to detail.

By the way: In our competition on Instagram you can still win a MoonSwatch in exactly this tiffany blue until October 31st, 2022 ;)

Probably the most interesting criterion for many is the unbeatable price of the watch. You can get the non -limited MoonSwatch list price for a whopping €260 and on the secondary market from around €300 - hard to believe, right? There has never been anything comparable. At the beginning, some were skeptical about the quality of the watch or rejected it completely. In our opinion, this rejection attitude is incomprehensible, because the price-performance ratio of these Swatch models is, as already mentioned, simply great.

MoonSwatch versus Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

As already mentioned at the beginning, the MoonSwatch is visually very similar to the Speedmaster Moonwatch. The dial is even almost identical. If you look at the movement, you quickly realize that you can't actually compare the watches with each other apart from the optics. Inside the classic Omega Moonwatch is the hand-wound mechanical Moonwatch Professional Co-Axial Master Chronometer chronograph movement. The movement of the Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch is instead a battery-powered chronograph quartz movement. Compared to a mechanical movement, such a movement definitely has its advantages. It doesn't stop, is as accurate as a watch with a mechanical movement, is cheaper and the battery only needs to be replaced after around 3 years.

Dial Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch:

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch dial:

Our conclusion:
The Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch is an innovative and modern watch. It doesn't matter whether you want them to be plain or eye-catching - there's something for everyone. The watch may not be an option for absolute watch lovers, but it is definitely a very cheap and beautiful alternative to the classic Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.

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