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8 tips for the proper care of your luxury watch

A luxury watch is not only a timepiece, but also an investment in quality and beauty. To protect this investment, it is important to regularly care for and maintain the watch. In this post, we at GOAT LUXURY will look at the different aspects of watch care and tell you what steps are necessary to keep a luxury watch in perfect condition.

  1. An important care measure concerns the cleaning of the watch. Watches accumulate dust and dirt over time, especially when worn frequently. It is best to always use a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush to keep the watch clean. Stay away from sharp objects or chemicals.

  1. Avoid bringing the watch into frequent contact with water or moisture. While many watches are water resistant, that doesn't mean they're suitable for long-term underwater use. Exceptions are of course diving watches that were specially built for use under water.

  1. Have the watch serviced regularly by a qualified watchmaker to ensure it is running accurately and reliably. Depending on the type of watch and the need for maintenance, they should be taken to a qualified watchmaker every few years. Servicing can extend the life of the watch and identify and fix problems early.

  1. Store the watch in a safe place where it will be protected from bumps, falls and other damage. A box or special storage bag are good options. If you buy a watch from GOAT LUXURY, either the original box of your watch or a neutral wooden box for optimal storage is always included!

  1. Avoid exposing the watch to high temperatures or strong magnetic fields as this can affect accuracy.

  1. If you are unsure how to care for your luxury watch, consult a qualified watchmaker or the watch manufacturer/seller for specific instructions. If you buy your watch from GOAT LUXURY, we are of course always available to answer any questions you may have.

  1. If you don't wear the watch regularly, set the time every now and then and let the movement run to avoid damaging the battery or the automatic movement.

  1. Avoid exposing the watch to excessive physical shock, especially if it has a chronograph.

Proper care of a luxury watch is therefore very important in order to preserve its beauty and functionality for as long as possible. If you follow our tips, you are definitely doing everything right and the longevity of your watch is guaranteed!

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